What could $1 billion US buy you?

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What could $1 billion US buy you?  The answer is many things!!!!  The real question is how can you make $1 billion?  The answer is you can win it if you participate to the Ethereum Sweepstakes.  We have been researching blockchain projects over the past several months and I have finally come across a blockchain project that delivers on all the blockchain promises; The Ethereum Sweepstakes.

The Ethereum Sweepstakes is a smart contract developed and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain that offers a Jackpot of 1,500,000 Ethers, or the market equivalent to $1 billion US.  The Ethereum Sweepstakes offers the best odds, and the most number of prizes the world of Sweepstakes and lottery has ever seen.  There are 111,111 prizes to win, but only 4 million tickets available, making the Ethereum Sweepstakes the best odds in history.

The prizes:

1 x 1,500,000 Eth = $1 billion US

10 x 15,000 Eth = $10 million US

100 x 1,500 Eth = $1 million US

1,000 x 150 Eth = $100,000 US

10,000 x 15 Eth = $10,000 US

100,000 x 1.5 Eth = $1,000 US

(value of Eth at time of article was approx. $667)

The Ethereum Sweepstakes provides for a 3% chance of winning a prize and 1 in 4 million in winning the Jackpot of over $1 billion US.  If we compare to the US Powerball where chances are 1 in 292,000,000 of winning the Jackpot and the fact that it is paid over 29 years, we can truly see the advantages of the blockchain.  All winners of the Ethereum Sweepstakes are determined by the blockchain, and are paid immediately.

We don’t like to promote projects and our intention was not to have everyone rush to buy a ticket, but when we see the blockchain deployed for fair play and transparency as well as offer these kinds of odds and prizes, we could not sit back and not tell the world.  This is truly all the answers of the blockchain.

Good luck to all who participate!


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