Benjamin Scott is the Debt Collector Being Collected In Alleged Commercial Fraud Case

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Benjamin Scott, the former owner of the Collection Agency Bond Street is now facing litigation over failure to pay for the acquisition of another Collection Agency, Access Credit in alledged commercial fraud case.

According to our sources, Benjamin Scott acquired the company in 2013 and agree to pay the acquisition in a balance of sale and make monthly payments.  After several payment delays allowed by the purchase agreement, Mr. Scott made the decision to no longer uphold his legal obligation to pay for the company he acquired.  This can be compared to theft on a commercial level and fraud. Mr. Scott and his accomplice, Mr. Richard Desnoyers, elaborated the scheme together in order to defraud the owner.

Mr. Desnoyers, worked for the plaintiff at the time and mislead him into selling his company to Benjamin Scott without devulging he was a co-acquirer and therefore was able to leak confidential information to Benjamin Scott in order to perpetrate the described scheme.  It is believed that the scheme was to never pay the owner for the acquisition and that the entire process of the scheme was premeditated as several other similar occurances have been uncovered by our investigative group.

We have communicated with Mr. Scott’s office and both Mr. Scott and Richard Desnoyers, his accomplice have declined to comment.

They now face commercial and personal litigation, and the company Access Credit will be sold in a controlled auction by the Sherriff.  A date for the auction will be set in the coming month.


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