How to create success in your business by modeling the Five L’s method

Dr. John Odabusiness people using the 5 L method. Dr. John Oda
Source: Dr. John Oda, December 2, 2015
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I believe that if you want to succeed then you must model successful people. I look to several guides in my life such as Joseph McClendon III, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Joel Osteen, Wayne Dyer etc. Success leaves clues, for example when modeling some of the best of the best, I felt like I knew it all, and then I found out I was missing the five L’s in my personal and professional life.

1. Live life to the fullest: Give 1000% in your business and in your family. Do not make excuses on why things are not working out. Find a way to create the results you must have in your life.

2. Love everyone: Treating people how you would like to be treated. Have unconditional love with everyone you come in contact with.

3. Laugh: If we want to heal ourselves we must laugh. When we laugh we heal ourselves. Studies have shown that when people laugh hard three times s a day, this process will aid in the healing of cancer, high blood pressure etc. Laughing creates joy in your life and it’s contagious.

4. Learn everything: Have an open mind about what is around you.. Keep an open mind about things we do not understand. I tell people learn everything you can about all subjects, learning makes the mind fresh and willing to create a change in your life. My parents always told me the more you learn, the more you earn.

5. Lighten Up: This is a huge one! Many people that I know every time they are so tense. They have a serious persona about everything, and they do not have fun. Life is too short not to have fun and create passion in your life.

I believe if you adopt this in your business and make this a MUST you will see a change in your business immediately. Again if you want success in your life today or in the future model business that is successful.
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