US to boost aid to Jordan to $1 billion per year

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The United States government announced today its plans to increase annual aid to Jordan to $1 billion per year from the initial aid of $660 million.  The increase aid will help the Jordanian government pay for the cost of housing refugees from Iraq and Syria as well as increase or sustain the fighting against the Islamic State militants.

This agreement which is subject to approval by the US Congress was signed before the release of a video by the Islamic State militant showing the burning of a Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.

Jordan is one of the Arabe states that have taken part in a US led air campaign aimed to eliminate the threat by the Islamic State group.  Mouath AlKasaesbeh, the Jordanian pilot who crashed his F-16 in the territory controlled by the militants in Syria was quickly captured and tortured.

As per the agreement, the US aid is to be granted for each fiscal year of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Several acts of terror of the Islamic State are being reported throughout social media pushing the US government to seek immediate solutions.


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